Account Billing Settings

Users with Admin and Financial roles are able to create, edit or delete a discount.

Discounts can be applied on all or to a specific product of the sub-accounts. In order to do so, users need to go to the Accounts section and find their account.

To set a discount: Click on the account name to open a view of several tabs, one of them named billing settings.

At the upper right corner you can add a new account by clicking on the “plus” icon.

You need to:

  • Name the discount
  • Select the sub-account to which the account will be added
  • Select if the account will be applied to all the products of the sub account or only to specific ones.
  • Select when the discount will start being applied. For example from next month or in two months’ time.
  • Select the number of cycles for the discount to be applied. In other words, select if the discount will be applied for ever or if it will end after a while.
  • Select the concept to be discounted. You could discount the Line rental Cost, the Overuse Cost, the perMB cost, the SMS cost or the Voice cost.
  • Select whether the discount will be volume-based or based on the tiered-pricing method.
      • In the case of volume based,the total cost of the concept to be discounted is mapped against a specific range and a single discount is applied on the whole.
      • In the case of tiered pricing,the total cost of the concept to be discounted is divided into ranges and different discounts are applied per range.
  • Finally define the ranges for the volume based or tier discounts.
      • If you would like to have a single range then no need to add news ones.In that case it does not matter if the type is volume based or tier discounts.
      • In the case where you would like to add various ranges, every time you add a new range you only need to fill in the max value. The Min Value is automatically filled in based on the max value of the previous range.
      • The amount of the discount can be a percentage or a fixed amount

  Once all the above values are defined, click save and the discount will appear under the billing settings of the account.

The Discount may have status pending, running or completed

You are able to perform a number of operations on the existing discounts through the same table. You can only edit a discount in “pending” status.  To do so, click on the pencil under the operations column. 

 You can delete an existing discount by clicking on the x icon under the operations column. 

The deleted discounts are not displayed by default but you can see them by selecting show deleted in the filter table.

You can also check the history of discounts applied so far by clicking on the relevant icon under the operations column.

You can also filter by status, discount type, concept to be discounted, subaccount to which the discount was applied through the advanced filter of the discount table.

 Any discounts applied, will appear in the billing reports of the child accounts with the following columns per product:

  • Total cost without discount: The amount of the product cost if no discount was applied.
  • Discount amount: The amount of total discount applied.
  • Total cost with discount: The final amount once the discount is deducted.

The “childaccounts should also be able to download a detailed report with all the discounts applied.