Cat-M Connectivity

Low-power consumption and enhanced coverage make LTE Cat-M a reliable connectivity option for Massive IoT solutions.

Cat-M, also known as LTE-M or LTE Cat-M1, is a LPWA wireless technology that supports the deployment of a high volume of IoT applications requiring low to medium data collection. The Power Saving Mode (PSM) in LTE Cat-M also helps to prolong device battery life, offering you a low-cost, low-power IoT connectivity solution.

The Cat-M solution from facilitates seamless handoff between cellular towers to ensure continuous, reliable connectivity, making it suitable for mobile IoT applications such as fleet management and asset tracking.

The ability of Cat-M technology to support voice features also sees this advanced connectivity solution used in IoT solutions such as medical alert devices and remote patient monitoring, as well as alarm systems.

Limited to specific networks in the USA, Central America,  Mexico and Asia-Pacific. 



  • Prolonged device battery life on Cat-M networks thanks to PSM

  • Reliable, low-cost connectivity solution which supports voice and mobility.

  • User-friendly platform to manage all aspects of your connectivity.