Run SIM Diagnostics & Purge

Purge :Purging a SIM from the HLR is a way of refreshing the SIM connection and should only be attempted if there appears to be no communication with the network.

As we don’t steer our SIMs to any particular networks, the modem chooses on which network to register purely according to the signal strength – Once attempting and receiving the ‘roaming not allowed’ message from the HLR, the modem should cycle through the network, trying to register on each, before finding a network on which it’s allowed to register.

A purge (cancel location) removes the IMSI from the serving network. When the device tries to communicate, the network has no record of the SIM, so it forces a re-registration process to be made.  Depending on the modem model, it could react in a certain way to this message.

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SIM Diagnostics & Purge

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