Reseller Account & User Settings



With a Reseller Account, you have the option to create “Child” or sub-accounts, transfer SIMs to and create products for your customers. The platform has a white label option and customizable contact information, so your customers will only interact with your company’s information. 

You can set up your Child account as a Customer or Reseller account. When you create Child accounts, your account becomes the “Parent” account. If you create a Child account as a Reseller, that account will have the same features as your own Reseller account. Your Child Reseller account can create their own Child accounts, transfer SIMs, and create products. If your Child Reseller account creates their own Child accounts, your own account would become the “Grandfather” account.

Your Child account can access their own account and if applicable, their own Child accounts. Your Child accounts cannot see the information in your own account. For this reason, Resellers may choose to add margin onto the products they create for their Child accounts.

Your Reseller account includes up to 3 levels of the hierarchy: your Grandfather account, a Parent account, and their Child account.

Once your account is set up, the Account Name, Billing Type, Status and Currency cannot be changed. If any adjustments need to be made, you can always reach our support team on the Support tab. All other details can be changed and updated as needed.​

Go to this section for more information : Billing for Resellers


Viewing & Editing Account Settings

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Creating Child Accounts​

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Reseller custom white label settings

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Add Users

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Viewing & Editing User Details

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Edit Language - User Settings​

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