Reseller Additional Products

Additional Products

You can see the Additional products under the “All Subscriberssection


As Additional products we define any service that is not purely related to connectivity, such as VPNs, eUICC services, Additional phone numbers etc

You can configure new additional products by clicking on Add Product at the top right corner.

The Additional product wizard will appear and you can configure the following fields. You can see which ones are mandatory by the asterisk next to the field:

  • Account: The “child” account to which the additional product will be added.You can only create additional products for the direct children of your account.
  • Name: The name that will appear in the billing report at the end of the month
  • Description: A short description of what the product is about.
  • Frequency: How often the charge of this product will be applied. Every month? Every year?
  • Select if it´s a charge that will be applied forever or it has a limited duration by selecting “Always applied” or “select contract length”. In the last case, you need to select after how many payments the charge will be ended.
  • First payment cycle: You can apply the charge from the next payment cycle ( in the majority of cases next month) or from a later moment in the future.
  • Product Type: Select the type of Additional product you would like to add to your “child” account
    • Dormant fees: Fees for any SIMs that remain on inactive or suspended status for several months (Work in progress)
    • Bolt on: You may decide to offer extra bandwidth at a fixed price for the devices activated on a specific product as that particular month the devices will perform an OS update. You only need to select Bolt On from the drop down list of additional products and fill in the cost of extra bandwidth and how many MB extra you would like to offer



The extra amount of data will be reduced from the amount of Overuse of the product. Once in place, you should see an extra column in your billing review with the final amount of overuse after reducing the amount of bolt-on.

  • Support hours: You may add a charge for a fixed amount of support hours for supporting the devices of the child account.
  • eSIM Management platform: You may add a charge for giving access to the sub-accounts to the eSIM capabilities of the platform.
  • eSIM M2M Services: You can charge here any eSIM profile operations such as download, disable, enable and delete profiles.
    • Cost type:
      • Volume based price:The total cost of the concept is mapped against a specific range and a single price is applied on the whole.
      • Tier prices: The total cost of the concept is divided into ranges and different prices are applied per range.
    • Ranges: You can have different pricing depending on the amount of eSIM operations the sub-account produces. Depending on whether you have selected volume based price or tier prices, the cost will be calculated accordingly.
    • Additional Discount By Active Subscribers: You may apply a discount on the eSIM operations based on the total number of subscribers in active status in the child account. Depending on whether you have selected volume based price or tier prices, the discounts will be displayed accordingly. The amount of the account can be a fixed amount or a percentage.


You can edit only the additional products in pending status. You need to click on the product and then on the pencil from the top right corner:

You can also clone the product by clicking on the clone icon:

You can delete the additional products at any point.

 In case there´re payments left in the future, a pop-up window will ask you if you would like to charge the recently deleted product for a last time:



The additional products and their charges will be added in the billing report of the “childaccount as an additional tab and they will be visible for the child account users too:

You should be able to download the details of the products in a file by clicking on the relevant icon on the right side of the table.