Threat Detection

As you expand the number of devices the security risk of these being hacked becomes higher — If you protect the asset in the field you really protect the enterprise connectivity

Customers want to get a device, connect it to the internet and talk to our servers…BUT they forget to think of Security as a whole and what it means to put the device out there!  A device could be in the field for 15-20 years…so how do you ensure your device is secure NOW and how do you maintain that security overtime.

  • Monitor the device/s

  • Check vulnerabilities & attacks happening.

  • Display Security widgets in the platform UI so that you can set up alerts and be notified as soon as these are triggered.

The widgets design will share with you important info.

The events are divided in 2 categories: Threats and Non Threats.

The pie chart widgets will give you an overview of the events that have taken place in the 30 days. We have put a list with the alerts that will be displayed to you and their meaning: Description of Alerts

The “Top 10 Subscribers Threatened (Last 30 days) will show you those Subscribers from whom we have received the most number of alerts that fall under the “Threat category” in the last 30 days.

The “Threat/Non Threat Security Events” table widget will show you all the alerts that have been triggered both Threats and non threats. Use the Advanced filters (Funnel icon) to quickly narrow down your search. You can also customize the columns you want to display in the table.

The table shows the date of the event alongside with the subscriber details, Status of the event etc.

Get in touch with us directly if you are interested in this service and we will take it from there!

Enable Security Widgets in the platform UI

Threat / Non Threat Security Events table

Have we flagged an alert, but you are unsure what it means?  We can help with that!

Threat Detection - Alerts